Belkin Adds Apps To Wi-Fi Router Lineup

    When is a remote switch not simply a remote switch? Belkin's response: When it's an all out aggravation. That is the reason it presented four new 802.11n Wi-Fi switches, going from $50 to $130, that accompany a bunch of utilizations intended to assist you with involving your remote organization for sponsorship up, playing music and motion pictures, setting up document moves, and accelerating significant Web traffic without messing around in little known menus

    The new switches, called Surf ($50), Offer ($80), Play ($100), and Play Max ($130) all incorporate help for VPN passthrough, Wi-Fi Safeguarded Setup, and pre-designed remote security. Offer and Play each have a USB port for hard drives or printers, while Play Max has two, and Endlessly play Max both help 802.11n Double Band (involving both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz recurrence range for quicker moves and more data transmission). At long last, just the very good quality Play Max incorporates Gigabit Ethernet ports and UPnP server usefulness.

    Self Mending on Belkin's most up to date routers.Likewise, the new applications are conveyed across the model line. Surf just incorporates Oneself Recuperating application, which will consequently determine specific organization issues and run support sweeps to assist with making your organization more solid. Climbing to the Offer will get you Memory Safe (an organization reinforcement application) and Print Genie (a remote printing application).


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